Do I need to put down a deposit for the retreat?

Yes, $100.00 for a group under 20, $200.00 for 20+


If the retreat needs to be canceled for one reason or another, will I get my deposit back?

Unless it is due to extreme weather, or in the case of a reschedule, we keep the deposit.


Are youth permitted on retreat?

We do host youth group retreats, and even have a youth wing (19 rooms w/bunk beds) but at this time we currently do not permit family retreats due to our lack of accommodations for families.


What is the cost of a retreat?

The cost is based upon the needs of the retreat. Please call the Hospitality office for pricing.


Can I come to the Seminary for a personal retreat?

We are blessed to have the Missionaries of the Most Holy Eucharist in residence who provide personal silent retreats. Please visit their page for more information.


Are meals provided on retreat or can I cook my own?

All meals are provided at the Seminary and due to the Board of Health we are not permitted to allow outside guests to cook. Those who have dietary needs, please contact the Hospitality office in advance to make proper arrangements.